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What is the process of getting a settlement after a car accident?

What is the process of getting a settlement after a car accident?

For most people injured in a car accident, obtaining the maximum recovery/settlement possible as quickly as possible is a high priority. If you are seriously injured in a car accident, your inability to work and provide for your family may place an extreme burden on your family's well-being. Having a lawyer that understand how to efficiently navigate the process and aggressively pursue the recovery that you deserve is essential for many of our clients. We want you to understand the process of pursuing a settlement and what to expect. 

Protecting/preserving insurance coverage after a car accident is a crucial part of pursuing a recovery.

It is critical that we take action after a car accident to notify insurers that are possibly responsible for covering the accident of the incident. Notice to an insurance company of a possible covered loss/incident a requirement of every insurance policy. It is critical that both the at-fault driver's insurer and any potential uninsured motorist policy carrier be notified of the accident and the potential claim. 

We have provided an extensive discussion of the process of establishing a claim and notifying insurers of a claim.

Ensuring the payment of medical expenses through available health insurance policies.

It is not uncommon for medical care providers and hospitals to attempt to recover from the proceeds of a car accident settlement as opposed to billing your available health insurance carrier. This procedure can make a real difference in the amount of recovery that you obtain, and a failure to pursue the billing of your health insurance policy early in the process can delay the settlement of case. 

The payment of medical bills and obtaining the necessary car for injuries resulting from a car accident is an essential part of the process.