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Bankruptcy Lawyer

Gwinnett County Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are dealing with a large amount of debt and you’re feeling overwhelmed, we can help you understand your options and help you develop a plan of action to deal with your debt. We help our clients understand the available options to deal with their debt. A bankruptcy lawyer at Hong & Sessions Law, LLC, can help you if you need debt relief and are considering bankruptcy as an option.

How to Stop Foreclosure

Filing bankruptcy relief is a definite way to stop a foreclosure sale from moving forward. Once we file a bankruptcy case to stop a foreclosure sale, we will directly notify the attorneys representing the mortgage company to make sure the foreclosure sale is stopped. Read more about how filing bankruptcy can stop a foreclosure sale.

How to Stop Wage or Bank Garnishments

Filing bankruptcy relief is a definite way to stop a wage or bank garnishments. Creditors are able to garnish your wages or money in your bank accounts after they have received a judgment against you. If you have been served with a lawsuit, it is crucial to contact a lawyer to make sure you do not miss any deadlines that can eventually lead to garnishments.

How to Stop Car Repossession

If your monthly car payments are too high but your credit is too bad to obtain another car, it can put you in a very difficult situation. Filing bankruptcy can help to not only stop your car creditor from repossessing your car but in some cases, it can help to lower your monthly payments. In some cases, filing bankruptcy can retrieve back a car that has recently been repossessed. If your car is in danger of being repossessed or if your car has recently been repossessed, contact us immediately!

Adversary Proceeding

Most Debtors will not face an adversary proceeding in their bankruptcy case.  Simply put, an adversary proceeding is a separate legal action by a creditor or a trustee in a bankruptcy case asking the court to not wipe out or discharge certain debts due to the misconduct of the Debtor.  They have to prove certain legal elements in order for the debt to not be discharged under your bankruptcy.  If you are facing an adversary proceeding, be sure to contact us.

Get a New Start By Contacting a Bankruptcy Lawyer Today

Partner Soo Hong of Hong & Sessions Law, LLC, has an extensive track record of helping clients that are seeking debt relief and considering filing bankruptcy. Bankruptcy should always be the last resort but sometimes, it may be the only result in obtaining your financial goal. Whether it be rebuilding your credit, fighting lawsuits from creditors, stopping garnishments, or stopping a foreclosure sale of your home, bankruptcy can help you achieve financial freedom from your debts.

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