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Hurt By A Drunk Driver?

Were you or someone you care about hurt by a drunk driver?

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is the leading cause of serious and even deadly car accidents in Georgia and nationwide.  If you were hit by a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs and injured as a result, your personal injury case may be stronger than most.  However, it is still important to take the right steps to preserve evidence and protect yourself against the other driver.  

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 

Every day, almost 29 people in the United States die in alcohol-impaired vehicle crashes—that's one person every 50 minutes in 2016. Drunk-driving fatalities have fallen by a third in the last three decades; however, drunk-driving crashes claim more than 10,000 lives per year. In 2010, the most recent year for which cost data is available, these deaths and damages contributed to a cost of $44B per year.

How does the other driver being drunk affect a car accident case?

There should be a higher price to be paid by a driver that causes injuries while driving under the influence. The law anticipates that a driver that causes an injury while driving drunk will be punished in his/her criminal case and in the civil case for damages. Punitive damages are the means by which a driver that hurts someone as a result of a reckless or careless act such as driving under the influence can be punished. 

We can help if you were hurt by a drunk driver.

Attorneys at Hong & Sessions Law, LLC have experience in helping clients recover from accidents involving drunk drivers.  Our expertise in DUI law and the criminal process that the other driver will face increase the chance that our clients will be more than compensated for the injuries as well as pain and suffering.  Clients are also afforded punitive damages for their property damages and personal injury claim when they have been hit by a drunk driver.  This means that we fight to give you additional compensation for the negligent behavior of the drunk driver. 

If your loved one was killed by a drunk driver, we at Hong & Sessions Law, LLC, will help bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the drunk driver.  Wrongful death lawsuits help to bring financial stability to family members left behind after the accident.  

Insurance companies will try to settle more quickly in these types of cases to limit their liability.  It is important to contact a lawyer that knows the ins and outs of both DUI and personal injury laws to get you the compensation that you and your family deserves. Contact us today.