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Deadly Bus Stop Accicents

Bus Stop Accident Attorneys in Georgia In the last 3 days, there have been 5 different accidents at a bus stop.  In Tampa, 7 people were taken to the hospital when a driver hit 5 children and 2 adults waiting at a school bus stop.  In Tallahassee, a 19-year old hit a child crossing the […]

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Gwinnett County Car Wreck Results in Vehicular Homicide Charges for Driver

A deadly car wreck on I-85 has resulted in the arrest of a driver, Irma Garcia-Cambero. Ms. Garcia-Cambero is being charged with second-degree homicide by vehicle, failure to maintain a single lane, and driving without a valid license. Second-degree homicide by vehicle is a misdemeanor also referred to as vehicular homicide. The crime of vehicular […]

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2016 Trends in Motor Vehicle Accident Deaths

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration produced data from 2016 statistics showing recent trends in motor vehicle accident deaths. The data is definitely troublesome and suggests that some of the most bothersome types of traffic-related deaths, which we thought were decreasing, are trending upward. General Trends in Motor Vehicle Accident Deaths from 2016 Reported by […]

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Avoiding Judgment Liens Under Bankruptcy Case

My Unsecured Creditor Received a Judgment Against Me and Placed a Lien on My Property. Can I Get Rid of The Judgment Lien Under My Bankruptcy Case? When unsecured creditors (i.e. credit card company, medical provider) file a lawsuit and receive a judgment against you, they can file a lien or a “Writ of Fieri […]

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