I’m an Accident Attorney. Here are 2 Things You Need to Know Before Settling Your Case

My name is Ben Sessions. I’m a personal injury attorney from the Hong & Sessions law firm. It is far too often that we hear the same problems arising from car accident victims after they have already settled their personal injury case. Long after they receive their settlement, they begin to receive calls from a hospital, a doctor, or even a health insurance company about moneys that are owed to them out of the settlement. They are then forced to write checks out of money that may have already been accounted for. This could lead to negative balances, and even bankruptcy, in some cases.

Why Should You Have to Pay Hospital Bills Directly From Your Own Checking Account?

Well, the quick answer is “you shouldn’t have to, not if things were handled correctly by your accident attorney.” This is a very frequent problem and one that is completely preventable if you just have a lawyer who is willing to:

  • have an in-depth conversation with you about what your actual recovery amount is, when all is said and done and;
  • take the time to figure out:
    • what moneys are still owed.
    • whether or not you owe any reimbursement to an insurance company.

Do These 2 Things Before Settling Your Personal Injury Case

  1. Have a candid conversation with your lawyer before agreeing to an amount that is being offered to you by the insurance company regarding how much you will have when all is said and done.
  2. At the time you actually sign the documents, to know for sure if:
    1. you are completely taken care of, regarding all the bills.
    2. If you are you going to be receiving calls from hospitals or insurance companies asking for reimbursement.

Taking these steps will help eliminate any unforeseen occurrences, such as receiving phone calls from debt collectors and insurance companies, or spending money that was not budgeted for. If you are working with a law firm right now, and are not feeling secure about the client/attorney relationship, give us a call for a free consultation at 678-691-3305 and talk to us about your concerns.


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