Choosing the Right Lawyer to Take Your Case

You’ve gotten into an accident that wasn’t your fault. You have suffered a personal injury and are seeking an accident attorney. You receive recommendations from your friends and family. You do a Google search and click on some attorney ads. You’ve done your due diligence and have already spoken to a few attorneys from different law firms.

The time has come for you to choose an attorney, as time is of the essence. What do you do? How do you choose the right attorney? Start by asking yourself the following:

Question 1: What Are Your Instincts Telling You?

Assuming you have already spoken with a few different law firms, you are then given the opportunity to compare your experiences with each one.

If you weren’t able to directly speak with an attorney, then that may become a sign of things to come. If you did speak with an attorney, however, here are some things to ask yourself:

  • Would you feel comfortable and confident if this lawyer was standing inside of a courtroom, speaking on your behalf and representing you as their attorney?
    • Many times, people can be misguided by some ‘achievements’ that the lawyer may throw out there. For instance, knowing the Judge, being an author of a book they published, or having previously dealt with the insurance company probably has little or no impact on the outcome, but many clients key in on these factors. These things should not impact your decision.

Question 2: Does the Attorney Appear to Be Organized?

Sounds a bit preposterous, but are you getting the impression that the lawyer has too much going on? Your gut-instinct may not be deceiving you. Constant interruptions during your consultation, no one answering the phone while it rings endlessly, a pile of paperwork on their desk, passing you off to their paralegals, etc…Does this sound familiar?

Ask yourself this question: “Does this lawyer have the ability and the time to focus on your case and offer you great customer service?”

The answer may be obvious: Either this attorney is too busy or they are just too busy to take on another client.

Question 3: Does the Lawyer Actually Want Your Case?

After explaining the details of your accident, are you getting the impression that the lawyer doesn’t seem interested in your case? Read the body language, listen to their words. A good attorney should be ready to “take you under their wing”, and make you feel confident and assured.

Understand That You Have Rights as the Client

All of the above are things you can take with you when choosing a lawyer to work with. If you have already signed on with a law firm, and are starting to have serious concerns about whether or not you went with the right law firm, you are not obligated to continue working with them. In fact, the sooner you seek other options, the better off you will be.

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