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Amputations Caused by a Car Accident

Amputations Caused by Car Accidents

Losing a limb or fingers or toes from a car accident is devastating and often the most difficult of injuries to endure after a car accident. Although such injuries are not so common, they are serious when they occur.  Amputations can occur after a car accident from the other vehicle rolling over onto your vehicle, head on collisions, or t-bone accidents.   

Leading Cause of Traumatic Amputations - Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of traumatic amputations second to workplace accidents.  Majority of these amputations involve upper limbs. Amputations may be required due to damages to a limb or extremities from a car accident that cut off or narrow the arteries and prevent oxygen and nutrient deficients. Eventually it can lead to the tissues dying or being severely infected beyond repair.  At that point, amputation is required to prevent further damage to the affected parts. It may also be required to save the person's life.  

Seeking Compensation for Amputation after a Car Accident

Suffering through an amputation after a car accident can be both physically and psychologically devastating preventing you from seeking compensation.  Medical bills are incredibly high for such surgeries and recovery time can be very long.  An experienced attorney can help you seek the compensation you deserve and help you navigate through the medical bills while you focus on recovery.  

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