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About Our Firm

We will help you understand the law.

Presumably any lawyer should be able to study the law and tell you what the potential results of any given case may be. A lawyer that is paying attention and exerting effort should be able to do that for you. We do not consider giving accurate advice about the law an insignificant issue, but we believe that providing exceptional representation to our clients should consist of so much more. 

We will put the law to work on your behalf. We want to add value to your case.

Most of our clients are in a position where they can readily find a lawyer who can provide accurate information about the state of law on a variety of different issues and problems. Most of our clients want a difference maker - a lawyer that can put the law to work for them in their case to achieve an exceptional result. In order to make a real difference in a case, effort is required and, more importantly, talent and experience are required. Making a difference for clients in their case means adding to our client's case.

What does adding value in your car accident case mean?

Adding value in your car accident case means working to maximize the value of your car accident claim and working to obtain the maximum recovery as quickly as possible. Numerous factors that add value in a car accident case. Some factors add marginal value and some factors add tremendous value. Some of the actions that we undertake that can really impact the value of your case include: 

  • Engaging in an exhaustive review of the facts of your accident;
  • Interviewing witnesses to the accident;
  • Making sure that you receive quality medical treatment for your injuries; and 
  • Communicating effectively with insurers to protect and convey the value of your claim. 

What does adding value in your DUI or criminal defense case mean?

 Adding value in your DUI or criminal defense case means strategically approaching the case to capitalize upon the wrinkles in the law that will help us minimize your potential risk. 

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